Attorney Referrals

We welcome attorney referrals from attorneys who have prevailed in the claimant’s Social Security Disability claim and the main disabling impairment is related to the impairment for which the veteran is service connected. We will send a referral fee of 20% of the back benefits up to a cap of $4000. if the VA case results in a favorable decision.

Under AR Rules of Professional Conduct attorneys may charge referral fees and not be held liable by the client for the work of the referred attorney as long as the fees are proportionate to the work performed. An attorney who refers to our firm from successful SSD claims must analyze the case for basic eligibility information which is valuable work performed.

Please answer the following:

  • Is the client a veteran who was either honorably discharged or discharged with a status of more than “dishonorable”?
  • During what time frame did the client serve approximately? _______ to __________
  • Has the client already been rated by the VA for a service connected injury? Please list the percentages and the corresponding impairment (i.e., 10% for Tinnitus)
  • Does the client currently have a claim or appeal pending? If so, where is it pending? If so, please send a copy of the most recent letter of denial (Notice of Denial or Statement of the Case or Supplemental Statement of the Case or BVA decision).
  • Is the disability for which the client was approved for SSD benefits the same or similar to the claimed service connected disability? If so, please list the main impairment in the SSD claim.
  • Please send the Social Security Administration Electronic Folder or CD.
  • Have client sign the linked form below allowing review for referral and referral fee if the case is accepted by our firm.

Referral Fees (PDF)